Life in China

Being gluten-free in a gluten-filled world


Noodles, dumplings and soy in everything. It ain’t easy being a celiac in China.

Up until I started dating my boyfriend J, I had never known what a challenge it was. Being a celiac or gluten-intolerant just isn’t a thing here. When you add my inability to stomach dairy and ourĀ flexitarian tendencies, the restriction list can add up.

But there are ways to survive and thoroughly enjoy the delicious and diverse food culture here. Not only are restaurants slowly recognising gluten intolerance as a disease (and not just a fashionable lifestyle choice!), grocery stores and specialty online sellers are increasingly stocking food allergy-friendly ingredients, making it easier to cook-up our own tasty gluten-free/plant-based recipes at home.

This blog will chronicle our adventures in gluten-free eating, (mostly in Beijing, but also around the world), as well as my forays in the kitchen.

So that’s the Bread‘ part of the blog. How about the ‘Lily‘?

I’ll also be posting about my non-culinary passions – mindfulness and meditation, culture and travel, interiors and urban gardening and Beijing life in general. I can’t wait to share all these things with you.

Welcome to Bread and Lily!