When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.– Chinese proverb

We all want to live well. Whether that means eating better, being more active, surrounding yourself with nature etc. the space on the internet dedicated to these pursuits grows day by day.

These are also great passions of mine. But the key difference is where I’m trying to do it from. I live in Beijing, China, which is a sprawling mega metropolis. It’s a fascinating place which I love and have called home for over six years, but it’s also unbelievably fast-paced and exhausting.

Being an Australian of Filipino-Chinese descent, and having spent my childhood in Bahrain (expat baby) before my family settled in Sydney – I bring my eclectic upbringing and outlook to all my favourite pursuits.

When I’m not busy beating my journalism deadlines, you can find me in the kitchen (cooking gluten-free, dairy-free meals), hygge-fying my apartment, tending to my plants, exercising my mindfulness muscle or planning my next travel adventure (often in Asia, but elsewhere too).

So that’s what this blog is about. Filling our stomachs with good food and surrounding ourselves with life-giving beauty – both the simple everyday stuff as well as the glorious awe-inducing kind . Welcome to Bread and Lily!